Meet Comedian and Actor BradMeet Comedian and Actor Brad Williams, Know About his Wife, Interesting Career and Net Worth

Many famous personalities have shown that the light of day and chance and Brad Williams is one of them.

If he wasn’t present at one of the Carlos Mencia live comedy shows when the stand-up comedian found him to enter the industry, the young man would probably be or always trying to make it a ladder.

Brad was among the many people who attended the exhibition, but destiny pulled him out, when Mencia summoned him up to the scene, to change the direction of his life for the better. He got a chance to continue doing what he is doing today because he was able to impress Mencia.

Then Brad, who worked at several films and television shows, opened up more doors to opportunities.

Though he still remains one of the top income earners in the comedy industry, Brad Williams has been popular in the super-competitive industry. The net value of the organization is estimated to be $500,000, according to reliable reports. This will probably get longer as a funny person does not yet plan to slow down.

Brad Williams  Marriage with His Long Term Girlfriend Jasmine.

In Los Angeles California in 2017, Brad Williams married his girlfriend Jasmine Gong. Jasmine is half Asian and 6″ taller than her husband, only 1 foot and 3″ taller. Interestingly, Jasmine is a black taekwondo fourth degree.

The comedian revealed that he met his wife in an app named Feeld, specifically designed to help people who are involved in polyamory, kinks, and alternate sex preferences.

In his video on 98 Rock Baltimore YouTube on 13 October 2017. On the website, Brad was going to hook up with two ladies for a threesome, but one of the ladies did not appear on its scheduled date for some reason.

Jasmine sparks flew, accordingly to the entertainer, during his first day with the second lady, and from then on things continued between them.

The Couple Didn’t Mind The Threesome During Dating Days


During their dating, they took part in threesomes with about 13 of them together in their first three years. The pair are already threesome even now they’re married because they love women and they just love having them as Brad has said.

Brad Williams’s Earlier Life, Education

The talented entertainer was born in Orange, California, on 13 January 1984, where he also grew up.

According to him, from the time his father was a boy, his dad trained him for the world, and it motivated him to fight against everyone who was trying to bully his child.

Brad was a Californian native, and after graduation, he continued his studies at the University of Southern California in Sunny Hills High School in Fullerton, California.


How Did Brad Williams Rise To Fame?

Brad attended a live comedy show, produced by Carlos Mencia, the stand-up comedian, while still studying at his university degree.

The Comedian made a joke about dwarfs and even though it was amusing people were too uncomfortable to laugh at near Brad Williams.

Brad was thoroughly impressed by Brad’s success when Mencia realized Brad in his room and the 19-year-old Brad invited on stage. Brad became the opening ceremony of Mencia from that day on, toured with him, and has been a comedian since.

Later, Brad had to quit college in an attempt to build up his comedy career, and that decision seemed to be paying off. Often his comedy is focused on disability, sex, and race.

In 2015 Brad Williams: Fun Size made his comedy special debut and Brad Williams: Daddy Problems followed it next year.


Brad Williams’s Height

4 feet 3 inches high, Brad is 3 inches high. He’s nana and is not insulted if he’s spoken about or mentioned himself as such. The comedian was born with an acondroplasia type of dwarfism.

This is a situation that some people would have preferred not to follow in an industry where there was a big crowd, but Brad is certainly not one of them.

Instead of hiding, he uses his height to his greatest gain and makes up for what he lacks in size.


Brad Williams in Acting Filed

The fact that Brad Williams is among the funniest, famous comedians today is not considered a mistake, but apart from comedy, he is also interested in other things, such as acting.

He has appeared on many TV serials and films, including Legit, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Sam and Cat, the Tonight Show (2016) and Little Evil (2017), Live at Gotham (2015), and Mascots (2016).

Brad is an on-air character as well. His podcast “One of the tops of the iTunes Charts” is “Last Night.”