What is National Divorce day? Take the quiz to know about the health of your relationship!

National Divorce Day is the first working day after Christmas and New Year Eve. This is also the day when lawyers and law firms notice a sudden surge in divorce enquiries and cases. After the festive season is over, many couples take a legal course to separate. They wait for it until the festive mood is over.

Divorces are more on National Divorce Day

Time and again and year after year, lawyers have noticed that there is a sudden rise in divorces post festivities. As law firms resume work after the year end holidays, there is an increase in enquiries and cases on National Divorce Day. But why?

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national divorce day
Divorces are more on national divorce day (Source: The Independent UK)

Divorce coach Sarah Woodward feels that the pressures of Christmas when families come together and spend more time together could strain relationship. She elaborates:

“Often couples have existing issues in their relationship and they hope that spending the period together will bring them closer, and it doesn’t.

“Financial stress and the desire for a perfect Christmas brings it all to a head and it’s the final straw.

“Others might have waited to have one last Christmas with the kids before going ahead with a split.”

The quiz to know how good or bad your relationship is

1. If you buy a new outfit does your partner…

A. Compliment you on the way it looks
B. Ask how much it cost
C. Demand the receipt

2. How often do you argue?

A. Once or twice a month
B. Every day
C. Never

3. At the end of a day’s work do you…

A. Look forward to rushing home
B. Jump at the chance to hang out with colleagues
C. Worry about what mood your partner will be in

4. What is your perfect weekend?

A. A mixture of alone time with your partner and socialising
B. A weekend at home with your partner but both doing your own thing
C. A trip away with pals

national divorce day
Divorce (Source: BBC)

5. Something happens in your day, good or bad, and you want to share. Do you?

A. Call your partner
B. Call your mum
C. WhatsApp your friends

6. Your partner arranges a night out with pals. Do you?

A. Arrange to meet your own pals
B. Feel relieved you’ve got the house to yourself
C. Check his/her Facebook and social media before, during and after

7. If you imagine your partner with someone else, do you feel…

A. Devastated
B. Jealous
C. Indifferent

8. Have your kids ever shown concern about your happiness?

A. Never
B. Only after an argument
C. All the time

If the answers are mostly ‘As’: It is a healthy relationship still. If most answers are ‘Bs’: There is a rough patch. Work on it. There is still hope. But if the answers are mostly ‘Cs’, it implies that you are going for a divorce.

How to navigate through the divorce process?

1. Get moral supporters and financial advisers. Good friends and family members with no vested interest are best as supports.
2. Do not hide emotions of the trauma. Let it pour out. Distraction might not always help. Try to heal self.
3. Break the news of divorce together to the children. Take time to answer all their questions properly. Reassure them of your love and support.

national divorce day
Divorce is traumatic (Source: The Sun UK)

4. Keep the relationship with your ex amicable.
5. Nurture some relaxing hobbies. Be with Nature, pets and do exercise to boost mental health.
6. Try to practice gratitude.
7. Unfollow your ex on social media and try to remain away from social media for a while.
8. Have no regrets and be good to self.

Reference: The Sun UK