Heartwarming Relation of Ozuna With His Wife and Children. Know All Details About the Singer: Age, Bio, Family

The Si No Te Quiere crooner Ozuna should be listed when we speak about the popular singers in Puerto Rico. The guy has recently achieved unparalleled fame and notoriety with a record of many hits. Juan Carlos “Ozuna” Rosado was able to transcend his failings, despite his unpleasant upbringing, and to have the confidence to make something out of his life when he started writing music, as the name suggests.

In his early years he dropped his first album, Imaginando, and later was signed by Golden Family Records and also released several songs on YouTube. Hit tracks such as No Quiere Enamorarse and Si No Te Quiere have been immensely popular. It is difficult to believe that the success he enjoys now stems from a difficult past.

Ozuna’s Early Life, Age, Bio

Ozuna was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, to a Puerto Rican mother and Dominican dad. He grew up and was surrounded by abuse and poverty, and when Ozuna was only three years old, the former claimed his dad’s life. For Vico C, a reggaeton, his dad used to work as a dancer. Three years before the lethal shot took his life, he collaborated with the performer.

Then things were very complicated for the family as the mother of Ozuna did not get enough to support them. The young man’s day exacerbated matters, but in music he soon found solace.

By his father’s grandmother, Ozuna was raised

Even before he lost his father, his grandmother was crucial to his upbringing, but after Ozuna’s dad’s death he took over all his time. Therefore, he grew up in the house of his grandmother in a San Juan bodega. Living with her helped him spiritually develop as a Christian and always taught him that nothing is free, you must strive for everything you need or want in life.

During his grandmother’s growth, Ozuna’s uncle also played the role of a dad and inspired the kind of music that he became popular for later. Ozuna had all in all not permitted his troubled upbringing to stop his promising future.

At the age of 12, he wanted to pursue the path of music

Ojalá has an uncle, who always played music from Daddy Yankee, De La Ghetto, and Don Omar, to delight the youngest, apart from his late father who served as a dancer. In addition, His interest in music was hypocritical. He then decided that by announcing his intention of pursuing a career in the field he could take advantage of his burning passion for music.

At the time of twelve years, his uncle gave him a microphone, and he raped it every time he played music. At the beginning of his career, in order to escape the life of abuse at home, he played at a small bar called El Corozal before heading to Washington Heights in Manhattan, New York.

During his first budget video in New York, he went on less than US$100 and learned how to make his own music and promote it. Equipped with ample information to storm the industry, Ozuna chose to move home because he saw Washington Heights as aggressive. He and his wife and children moved back.

Ozuna’s Happy Married Life

Hello! Hey! Hey! We would not blame a woman who has a Si No Te Crooner crush because it’s just a snack for the dude! Although we do not want to be the bearers of bad news, it is still important, the native of San Juan is fully taken away and legal.

So who is the girl who went to steal this female stroke’s heart? She is nothing more but the undisputed wifey of Taína Marie Meléndez and his two sons’ aunt. Oh, yeah, the famous vocalist is married and you would understand why he wanted to give up his unhindered life in favor of marriage if you had a sight of his wife. Indeed, all over the world, Ozuna loves his mom, a beautiful lady, 5 feet tall, 4 inches high, and 55 kg in weight.

One would not be far away if one could tell that Taina Marie was the entire package, as she wore a voluptuous 38-inch body build on the bustle, with her tail in 27-inch, outlining her eye packed bust further, and we have not yet mentioned her delicious 41-inch hips, which is quite a package!

About Taína Marie Meléndez

Ozuna’s wife is the hidden sort, keeping her private life under the shoes, but you will definitely come under the spotlight if you set up a dalliance with rich and well-known people. This is true of Taina Marie, who never heard her name in her life before the coming of Ozuna.

On the history, several hobbyists we met said that San Juan, Peurto Rico, is the place of Taina Marie Melendez’s birth. Though she was born in 1994, she has no knowledge of her exact date of birth and month. Taina Marie is definitely Spanish and belongs to Spanish ethnicity, but Taina Marie is also an African descendant, according to documented evidence. But through her marriage to the music star, she acquired American citizenship.

At her educational level, little or nothing is understood, but Taina Marie can be educated because she helps Ozuna extensively in his career as his manager to track all the tours, shows, and official trips of the singer. Therefore, Ozuna’s wife is not only a lovely lady, but she also has skills as a helping person. The family now lives in New York City, where they enjoy a lavish life with luxury cars, trendy homes, and private jets.

One interesting thing about this couple is that they unmistakably love each other and never miss any opportunity to swoop through social media. Taina Marie’s Twitter uploads prove that True Love has no happy ending, but it just doesn’t end. She’s always thankful to her wife for her experience of smiling at her face. As for Ozuna, he has no concerns with regard to flooding the images of his wife’s social media site.

Ozuna’s Children

As if they had no Christmas card in the photo, Ozuna and Taina Marie are proud parents of two lovely girls. Their first baby girl, Sofia Ozuna Meléndez, received them in 2014. Were Sofia became a sister to the 2016 sibling, Jacob Andres, two years later.

Receiving an image of his daughter dressed as Elsa, Ozuna’s family was found recently at Disney World. Elsa went weary of wearing heels, according to his article, so she went to Crocs instead. He finished the post with the declaration of how much he loves Sofia and also spend time with his kids.

His children also enjoy him, with whom he overwhelms his social media.