Is Pokimane dating her fellow streamer, Kevin?

Pokimane has great experiences in dating. She prefers to keep her current dating life under wraps, but often shares with her fans her last dating experiences. Some of them are weird while others are funny. Read on to learn more on Pokimane’s different dating experiences.

Pokimane and her dating experiences

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Pokimane did a recent livestream in which she talked about her various past dating experiences. She shared the different anecdotes that are humorous and weird. The social media star revealed how once a man she dated told her that he really liked her but he was not a great fan of women with curly hair. Pokimane was speechless. She sports curly hair sometimes. She asked the guy his preference in women. The streamer revealed:

” He’s like. I just really don’t like girls with curly hair.”
“You like me but you do not like people with curly hair. You are in for a treat.”

Pokimane (Source: Digital Spy)

This happened around 2 to 3 years back, she said. And she had no words to respond to this date.

Pokimane’s natural hair

The streamer keeps her hair straight most of the time. But she had admitted that her natural hair is curly. This is her insecurity as well. But when she did receive some good responses to her pics with curly hair, she was relieved and also overwhelmed. On 10 November 2021, Pokimane had uploaded on her Twitter handle her photo with curly hair. And she wrote below:

“Natural hair today.”

Pokimane with Kevin (Source: Pinterest)

But when the comment from the guy she dated came, she did not feel hurt. She found his statement funny since he was not aware that she naturally has curly hair.

Pokimane’s current date…Is it Kevin?

Just before the 2020 year end, Pokimane brought her friend, Kevin in her livestream. It was a chill hangout when the two talked about the videos and had an interaction with fans. But there was an unmissable chemistry between the two. Many of her fans felt it and wondered whether the two were in a relationship. Many were sure that the two are dating. And they were happy for them. They felt that the pair made a cute couple. But neither Pokimane nor Kevin confirmed or denied these rumors.

Pokimane with Kevin (Source: Pinterest)

Earlier, she was also linked to Disguised Toast, Corpse Husband, and also Mizkif. But the streamer prefers not to discuss her current life in public. Once when a subscriber asked her about her dating life, she had snapped back at him.

Previously, her fans wondered whether the two are siblings or business partners. Kevin had also put a question in their minds when he said:

“Dating or siblings?”

But now fans feel that though the two are mum on this matter, they are in fact in a romantic relationship. Time will tell the truth. Let us wait and watch!

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