Sarah Vine talks about her divorce with Michael Gove; blames BREXIT for it!

Political policies and decisions can affect relationships and lead to divorce. Sarah Vine blamed BREXIT for the breakdown of her married life with Michael Gove.

Sarah Vine and her divorce

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British columnist, Sarah Vine, 54 split from her husband of 20 years, Michael Gove last year. The reason of the divorce was not clear. But now in a new interview that she gave to Tatler, Sarah has said that country politics at an international level was responsible for causing the separation of the couple. The frank columnist stated that BREXIT was one of the causes of the collapse of her marital relationship. It cause a great strain on their marriage.

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Sarah Vine
Michael Gove with ex-wife Sarah Vine (Source: The Guardian)

Sarah told Tatler:

“My whole life fell away. I didn’t speak to many close friends. And that was another huge strain on the marriage.

“Marriage can take strain, but it cannot take that much.”

She added:

“politics creates a toxic environment and puts immense pressure on families and marriages”.

“That’s really at the heart of why Michael and I are getting divorced.

“It’s not because we hate each other, it’s because I can’t look after my family and myself and be a wife of politics.”

What about the affair rumors about the couple?

There were rumors that Michael had done adultery and had a mistress due to which Sarah and Michael divorced. But Sarah in this interview has rubbished all rumors of affairs of Michael. She explained:

“Michael’s only mistress was politics.”

“The mistress wins in the end. It’s all about making sure she is happy.

“In my case, despite all the rumours, his only mistress was politics.

“That’s what he is in love with. He is genuinely in love with politics.”

Sarah Vine
Sarah Vine and Michael (Source: Getty Images)

In the 2016 referendum, Michael was a main person in the Vote Leave campaign. Sarah added that she never ever wanted Michael to take over as the Prime Minister. She said:

“My ulterior motive throughout my entire life was to stop my husband being prime minister because I can’t think of anything worse.”

The relationship timeline of the couple

Sarah met Michael when she was working as an arts editor and Michael was the comments editor at The Times newspaper. Sarah and Michael wed in October 2001. They share two children together; a daughter born in 2003 and a son born in 2004. Last July, a spokesperson for them made the announcement that the two are separated and in the process of completing their divorce procedure.

Sarah Vine
Michael Gove and Sarah Vine (Source: Getty Images)

One source who is a friend of the couple had also stated that there is no third person involved in causing the divorce. The reason was that the couple just drifted apart. The insider said:

“This is a difficult and sad decision for Michael and Sarah after 20 years of marriage.

“It is an entirely amicable separation and there is no-one else involved.

“They have drifted apart over the past couple of years but they remain friends. Their absolute priority is the children.”