Know About Steven Rinella’s Age, Bio, Wife, Brother, Net Worth, Height

Steven Rinella is an American adventurist, conservative wildlife, popular journalist, and television host who won many people’s horizons through his remarkable and stunning wildlife adventures as a hunter and a fisherman.

With more than five published books on his credit including the Full Hunting Guide, the Butchering and Cooking Wild Game, Meat Eater, American Hunter’s Adventures, and so forth. Via podcasts and television shows like meat-eater, Netflix stories that gave him great popularity, he managed to tell his stories to a wider audience internationally.

This is the beginning of Steven Rinella’s lifetime, how he got to his place today, his wife, his organic life, net worth, and more.

Steven Rinella’s Age, Bio, Early Life

Steven John Rinella was originally born on February 13, 1974, at Twin Lake, Michigan. There is a strong sign since he watched his father closely when he was growing up, that he inherited his father’s love for hunting and fishing. At age three, he started fishing and supposedly captured his first squirrel at the age of eight. He started reading more historical books on wildlife and adventure in pursuit of information.

In 1992, before he finished high school at Grand Valley State University, where in 1996 he graduated from the Reeths Puffer School. The course he studied for his first degree is poorly educated. He was going to Montana-Missoula to earn a master’s degree in fine arts and creative writing.

Steven Rinella’s Career

The writing and TV career of Steven Rinella began just after graduation. In several U.S. magazines including the New York Times, Men’s Journal and Oprah Magazine, and Glamor he started to write histories of his crazy adventures. He began to write. Shortly thereafter, he was the host of an eight-episode series called “The WildWithin” on Travel Channel.

He started his own show MeatEater with his mastery of technological knowledge in hosting the TV show. The reality shows his weekly hunting experience in many areas around the world, including certain States in the United States such as Montana, California, Alaska, New Zealand, Mexico, and more. He aims to use the show to represent hunters as land stewards and guardians who have to defend their selected prey species.

In the process of finding a missing icon (2009), Meat Eat: Adventures from the life of an American hunter (2012), The Complete Guide to Hunting, Butchering, And Cooking Wild Game: Bike & Small Game (2015), The Scavenger’s Guide to High Cuisine (2005), The MeatEater Fish and Game cookbook (2018) and so forth, he has written books such as American Buffalo. He has also published works on this topic.

The TV host has encountered several job hazards in the ice and forests of Alaska that contribute to his work. He has been subjected to invasion of bacteria/disease and wild animals who have targeted him and, of course, to the fury of animal advocates or vegetarians, who are compassionate about Steven’s venison.

Steven Rinella’s Wife, Brother

Steven Rinella is Rosemary’s last son Johnson, and late J. Rinella is his son. He grew up, Daniel Rinella and Matthew Rinella, with his two elder brothers. Matthew is said to be a skilled hunter that Steven once described as a non-stop force on the hunting field, while Daniel is a more adventurous fishing expert.

In the second season of MeatEater, his two elder brothers appeared: Mount Hunting. They were recorded to be hunters of their late father, Frank, who from their tender age taught his sons’ many hunting and fishing techniques. Unfortunately, in 2002, Frank J. Rinella passed away.

Steven is marrying the first book with Catherine Parlette Finch whom he knew. They formally dated 2006 and married in Fennville, Michigan, two years later, on 12 July 2008. They’ve got three kids together.

The daughter of Cynthia and Terry Stewart is Catherine Parlette, who was born in 1979. She is a student of Colorado College and a Publicity Director at the Weinstein Company Book Division.

Net Worth

Over several years of wild discovery, the TV personality has dug a pot of gold. A conversationalist’s average income is estimated to be $76,130. If this is the case, then the six-digit net value for Rinella would have reached. But his net value is still under consideration as of now.

Steven Rinella: More Facts

Recognitions and prizes

Sigurd F. Olsen Nature Writing Award and the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Award were awarded the book’s named American Buffalo. Once upon a time, it was an Amazon Moon Novel. In 2018, it listed the best fifty non-fiction books in the San Francisco Chronicle.


The current height of Steven Rinella is not visible. We can assume, however, that he has an average height – his weight can be said in the same way.