Wedding bells! Jonathan Bennett weds boyfriend, Jaymes Vaughan in an intimate ceremony in Mexico

Actor Jonathan Bennett exchanged wedding vows with his boyfriend of seven years, Jaymes Vaughan in Mexico in front of selected friends and family members. The date was 19 March 2022. Brian Tyler Cohen officiated the ceremony.

Wedding of Jonathan Bennett with Jaymes Vaughan

Actor of Mean Girls fame Jonathan Bennett is a married man now. He took wedding vows with his boyfriend of seven years on 19 March 2022. The venue was at the Unico Riviera Maya Hotel. In view of the ongoing pandemic, there were only 104 guests for this marriage. This included actress Danica McKeller, actress Sharon Lawrence and RuPaul Drag Race star Jackie Cox.

Jonathan Bennett
Wedding of Jonathan Bennett and Jaymes Vaughan (Source: people)

YouTuber Brian Tyler Cohen officiated the wedding ceremony of the couple. Photographer Todd Danforth took the snaps and videos of the occasion. One of these photos was on the Instagram of both the newly-wed boys. In this pic, Jonathan and Jaymes were holding hands and looked dapper in their matching black tuxedos. Both put the same caption for it:

“Mr and Mr Bennett Vaughan.”

The relationship of the couple

The two, Jonathan and Jaymes started dating seven years back in 2015. It was a smooth relationship and Jaymes, 38 proposed to Jonathan, 40 in November 2020. As regards the wedding, Jaymes told People magazine that the main purpose to marry was to come together. They wanted to join not only the two of them but also their respective families. This they wanted to start a new family. Jonathan added:

“And all that, as we were going through this process, we realized that our wedding is also more than just about us. It’s about the entire community.”

Jonathan Bennett
Jaymes and Jonathan Bennett (Source: Hollywood Life)

The two had a non-traditional wedding. They did not walk down the aisle. But they just met and coupled at the alter. The song that Jaymes wrote for Jonathan during their engagement was playing in the background. They read their own wedding vows. After this, they exchanged wedding rings and followed it with a kiss. Jonathan said:

“It was honestly a dream wedding!”

“We kept having to stop and remind ourselves that we weren’t on a movie set, but this was actually our real life,”

Jonathan professes his love for Jaymes

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The actor Jonathan always knew that Jaymes is the one for him. There is immense love between the two. Jaymes was a contestant on The Amazing Race season 21 in 2012. Jonathan gave an interview to Hollywood Life in 2021 where he spoke about Jaymes and their relationship. He had said:

“Honestly, from the moment I met him. I saw him before I went on set at his show and I actually asked his producer, ‘Am I about to meet my husband?’ Turns out I did,”

Jonathan Bennett
Jonathan Bennett and Jaymes (Source: Pinknews UK)

He added:

“Definitely love at first sight. And then to find out he’s an amazing human being on top of that, I was sold.”

Jonathan Bennett
Jonathan Bennett and Jaymes (Source: Hollywood Life)