6 cool facts about Georgina Bloomberg, the youngest daughter of Michael Bloomberg!

Georgina Bloomberg is the youngest daughter of Michael Bloomberg, 80. She is now engaged to Justin Waterman, partner at investment firm Summit Trail. Read on to know 6 cool facts about Georgina.

1. Georgina Bloomberg is 39 years old now. She is the youngest daughter of Michael Bloomberg, former New York Mayor and majority cofounder of Bloomberg LP. Her mother is Susan Brown, a British national. Her elder sibling is sister Emma Bloomberg who was born in 1979. Michael divorced Susan in 1993. And since 2000, his partner is Diana Taylor. Michael’s net worth is USD 86 billion.

Georgina Bloomberg
Georgina Bloomberg with father Michael Bloomberg (Source: Business Insider)

2. Georgina initially was not happy of being a part of a wealthy and famous family. She and her sister were part of the 2003 documentary called Born Rich. Georgina had expressed that being a Bloomberg sucks. But later, she retreated her statement and said:

“I’ve come to have a lot more respect for my parents and my last name and everything that my father has done and how hard he worked to provide a great life for us. It’s a last name that now I’m proud of,”

3. Georgina Bloomberg, the accomplished equestrian

Georgina has been doing horse riding since she was 4 years old. She is now an accomplished equestrian. She participated in several competitions and won many medals and prizes including money. Georgina was in Empire State Grand Prix in 2010, the Central Park Grand Prix CSI3 in 2014, and the Adequan Grand Prix CSI3 at the 2015 Winter Equestrian Festival. In 2014, she partook in Furusiyya Nations Cup in Spain and her team won. Now, she owns New York Empire equestrian team.

Georgina Bloomberg
Georgina Bloomberg (Source: Hollywood Life)

Georgina had spinal issues twice due to her spondylolisthesis combined with horse riding. After a corrective surgery, she is better. She had revealed that jealous people accuse her of getting fame with money:

It is a little frustrating when you work as hard as you possibly can and people only think you’re successful because of your father, which just isn’t true,”

“A lot of people who are that way are jealous.”

4. Georgina is an animal lover

Equestrian Georgia loves animals and is a board member of American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). She has six dogs, a rescue pig, and a rescue goat as pets at her home.

5. Georgina graduated from New York University and did a fashion designing course from Parsons The New School for Design. She had said:

I’ve always been interested in fashion, and I’m excited about the idea of designing riding clothes that are comfortable enough to wear riding but can also evolve into fashionable streetwear,”

She has penned several books and some of her stories have characters that reflect her life.

6. Georgina Bloomberg and her relationships

Georgina was dating fellow equestrian, Ramiro Quintana and in 2013 delivered their son, Jasper Michael Brown Quintana. She is primary parent of the child and had stated:

Jasper’s father will always be in his life and be a friend figure to him, but he is not involved in the day-to-day,”

“It’s hard, but it’s much easier to do it by yourself than with the wrong person.”

Georgina Bloomberg
Georgina Bloomberg and fiance, Justin Waterman (Source: Hollywood Life)

In April 2022, she got engaged to Justin Waterman, 42. The couple has been dating for past three years. An insider told Page Six:

Justin gave Georgina a beautiful diamond ring, and the good news is that Mike likes him,”

“That said, they are working on a prenup.”

Earlier, Justin was married to Meredith Bowen Waterman. They have three children together.