Akishino, Japan’s Crown Prince upset about the false and bad news related to his daughter Mako’s engagement ceremony!

Former Princess of Japan, Mako had an engagement in 2017 with her non-royal beau. But her father, Crown Prince Akishino was not happy with the coverage of the engagement ceremony. What is it that upset the Crown Prince?

Ex-Princess of Japan, Mako and her marriage

The former Princess of Japan, Mako is the daughter of Crown Prince Akishino who is the brother of the current Emperor of Japan. She has wed a non-royal person last month in the local marriage office. The couple then left for New York this month.

Hence as per the tradition, Mako had to relinquish her elite status since her current husband is not of royal blood. The law would have allowed her to continue with her royal title and status if she had opted for a royal boyfriend and married him instead.

Ex-Japanese Princess Mako and her husband Komuro (Source: The Japan Times)

But during the engagement of Mako that took place three years back, the local tabloids published some negative news about the family. They printed some terrible things about the family and many of these were false and fabricated.

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Crown Prince Akishino and his anger

The royal family usually does not discuss family matters in public. But what the news agencies published so much upset Mako’s father, Crown Prince that he decided to talk about it in public. The occasion was his 56th birthday celebrations. He said:

“If you read the tabloids, well – I’m not sure how to say this exactly – but there’s a lot of things in there that are fabricated, although there are also some opinions we should listen to,”

Akishino, Crown Prince of Japan (Source: Wikipedia)

His explanation was in response to the question of the media that queried about the cause of Mako’s post-traumatic stress disorder that came in after her engagement to her boyfriend.

He added:

“As for articles on the internet, there are also lots of comments … and some of them say really terrible things,”

“There are people who are deeply hurt by this slander.”

The fake and terrible stories in the tabloids

The couple, Mako, 30 and her beau Komuro engaged in 2017. Komuro works in a law office in New York. People were happy for the couple. But the media heavily criticized the decision and there were also protests against the wedding. This was particularly because there was a scandal about Komuro’s mother. It was about money that the former fiance of Komuro’s mother loaned to Komuro’s family. This scandal had upset Mako and she went into post-traumatic stress syndrome. The family also postponed the wedding for more than 3 years.

Akishino with his family (Source: The Japan Times)

Some royal watchers felt that the Imperial Household Agency (IHA) that is responsible for the publicity of the royal household did not handle the situation properly and caused it to go out of control. They feel that IHA should be apt to manage such situations in the expert way that overseas royal agencies handle theirs. Hence Akishino added:

“If you are going to argue against an article, you have to set proper standards and then protest when those are exceeded. Negative coverage may continue, so I think it is necessary to consider setting such standards in consultation with the IHA.”

This negative publicity was also the reason that Akishino opted for an intimate wedding ceremony for his daughter.

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