Anna Wintour is power-hungry and brutal to work with, says Alexandra Shulman!

Anna Wintour, 72 is a British cum American journalist who is editor-in-chief of Vogue since 1988. Now, she is also serving as Global Chief Content Officer and Artistic Director for Condé Nast. Her personality is dominating and she prefers to remain aloof. Now Alexandra Shulman, the longest-serving editor of British Vogue has penned an article for Air Mail in which she labeled Anna as being power-hungry and axing her own friends to climb the ladders of success.

Alexandra Shulman reviews ANNA: THE BIOGRAPHY

The former Cosmo editor Amy Odell, has penned a biography of Anna Wintour called ANNA: THE BIOGRAPHY. This will release on 3 May 2022. Alexandra had an icy relation with Anna. Talking about the new bio, Alexandra thought that it was just a cooperative puff-piece. She feels that it does reveal everything about the lady even though many friends, colleagues, and foes gave interviews for it. Alexandra asks:

To what degree she (Wintour) collaborated in the writing of this book is unclear,”

“It’s not sold as an authorized biography, but it is evident from the staggering 78 pages of footnotes that Anna allowed and encouraged several close to her to speak.”

Anna Wintour
Alexandra Shulman (Source: The Guardian)

Alexandra’s essay ‘Shady Lady’

Alexandra has dubbed Anna as a shady lady. She has stated that Anna would bow down to great names of the industry. But she would be brutal at her work place. She had removed her rivals including her ex-friend Joan Juliet Buck, the former French Vogue editor. Alexandra wrote:

She threw her great friend … to the wolves and canceled her contract, after the complimentary profile Anna had commissioned on Syrian First Lady Asma al-Assad was widely pilloried.”

“She could be mind-numbingly curt veering into all-out rudeness. But I lived to tell the tale after she put the phone down in mid-conversation a couple of times. It wasn’t that bad.”

Anna Wintour
Anna Wintour (Source: CNN)

Alexandra admits that Anna is intelligent, driven, passionate about her causes and often kind. She reveals:

“Anna has always used silence as a well-honed weapon.”

She added:

She survives not because she is an excellent magazine editor, which she is, but because she understands power and what other powerful people want and need,”

“her navigation of office politics is peerless, and her ability to triumph over failures, a masterclass.”

Anna’s former Condé colleague Graydon Carter owns Air Mail. Alexandra adds:

“Anna is one of the most well-known women in the world. She is deadly serious in her ambitions, and her creation of her own mythology is fascinating. She deserves a more acute analysis of her life. But perhaps she didn’t want it.”

Anna Wintour and her life

Anna has a trademark of the typical bobcut and dark sunglasses since her teens. She is editor of Vogue in the USA. In 2020, she joined publishing house Conde Nast as Artistic director. She was dating powerful old men since her age of 15. She was with Piers Paul Read and latter with Nigel Dempster. Anna wed David Shaffer in 1984. Their child Charles was born in 1985 and daughter Katherine arrived in 1987. Anna and David divorced in 1999. She started dating investor Shelby Bryan either before or after her separation from David; it is not clear. But they separated in 2020.

Anna Wintour
Anna Wintour (Source: Wikipedia)

Short bio on Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour is a British and American journalist and editor of Vogue USA. More bio…