Generation Z people are less active sexually, a new research has revealed.

Are generation Z people less active sexually than their previous generations? Well. New research in this direction has revealed something to that effect. Yes, Generation Z is less active sexually when compared to the millennials and gen X. What is the reason that the people in the age group of 18 to 24 years abstain more than their parents or higher age group people?

The new research on sex life of people of various age groups

LoveHoney in partnership with Kinsey Institute carried out the study on sex in people during and after the covid pandemic. The scientific adviser of LoveHoney, Dr. Justin Lehmiller says:

“The study focused on sex and relationships during and after the pandemic, revealing the 18-24 demo to be the least sexually active of all age groups,”

Generation Z
Generation Z (Source: Annie E Casey Foundation)

The results showed that 49% of youth in the age group of 18-24 years said that first-date sex causes issues between the couple. This was significantly higher than that reported in 36% in the 25-34 age group and 30% in the 35-45 age group.

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Why is generation Z more celibate?

Justin believes that this generation z are more comfortable with their me time. He said:

A majority of singles came into the summer of 2021 feeling sexually curious and ready to find passionate connection, but were feeling more protective of their ‘me time,’ Gen Z is being less active and overall taking things slower in relationships.”

Generation Z
Generation Z (Source: The professional center)

These people are happy with their celibacy. It helps them connect with themselves and find internal peace. They do self-love and it enhances their mental health. Many of them are sharing their abstinence experiences online. Peep into social media and you will find similar results..

Many of these people are completely avoiding sex. They have no urge for it. There are some who are trying to overcome their promiscuous behavior. And there are others who are trying to abstain after a bad split and trying to focus on oneself.

Celibacy-myths and benefits

Society has created myths revolving around celibacy. There are people who claim that abstinence makes a person smarter. But the truth is that it does not have any effect on brain growth or intelligence of a person. When one avoids sex, he or she starts concentrating on oneself.

Generation Z
Generation Z (Source: Annie E Casey Foundation)

They nurture hobbies and past time activities and are happy with it. These age group people are whole day on the Internet surfing or playing various games or puzzles or watching videos on YouTube and the like. They interact with friends and remain thus occupied. They have no time for emotions too. Studies on celibacy and people who adopt this type of a lifestyle might help throw light on it’s pros and cons.

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