Nikita Jasmine gets a stern advice from Australian dating expert, Mel Schilling!

Nikita Jasmine has a good heart but her words are quite harsh. After MAFS UK version, she will now try to find love on Celebs Go Dating. But Australian dating expert Mel Schilling has some serious message for this Geordie lass.

Nikita Jasmine and her career

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Actress Nikita Jasmine, 27 was on the UK show, The Geordie Shore. Later, she appeared on the UK version of Married at First Sight. She was with her husband Ant Poole. But Nikita was sacked from the show after just a week of it. This was because she was extremely rude with fellow cast members and also her husband. She had explosive outbursts of anger. The show producers could not tolerate such a behavior and axed her out.

Nikita Jasmine
Nikita Jasmine on MAFS (Source: Pinterest)

Now Nikita hopes to find love on Celebs Go Dating. But Australian dating expert, Mel Schilling who was also a relationship coach on the last series of MAFS feels that Nikita needs to be careful of her tongue.

Mel Schilling and her advice to Nikita

The dating expert from Australia, Mel Schilling wants Nikita to be careful on the new show if she really wants to find a love partner. Mel said:

“Think before you speak.

“Slow down, she has a heart of gold there is no doubt about it but a lot of her words and behaviour can be quite damaging.

“So my message to her in quite serious tone is to think before you speak.”

“Don’t just speak, think about your words and behaviour on other people.”

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Nikita Jasmine
Nikita Jasmine (Source: Reality TV World)

Mel added:

I think she knows what she wants, I think her biggest challenge for her is to compromise and to be a little bit flexible in allowing someone in who doesn’t fit all of her boxes and just showing a little bit of openness to difference and be a little bit accepting of people,”

Mel and her career

Mel was a hit with viewers on the show in UK MAFS. She will return on 2022 MAFS UK version as well. She is thrilled. She has noticed differences in MAFS in Australia and in the UK.

Mel Schilling
Mel (Source: News Au)

She explained:

Absolutely loved it and I cannot wait to get back.

“I am currently filming Aussie season nine right now but really looking forward to getting back to the UK.

“It was such a breath of fresh air to have a group of people, because the UK is so diverse and have a different perspectives of life and relationships and their accents still baffles me. I am still trying to get my head around it.”

“The format is very similar, we followed the Aussie format with the exciting things like the commitment ceremony, dinner parties and final vows.

“But I guess what makes it different is the culture of the people, you can apply the exact same methodology and you’re going to get such different outcomes because people in the UK have such different experience and cultural attitudes towards relationships – so it turns out very differently.”