Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz meet up after their split. Are the two reconciling?

American reality TV stars, Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz had a split a few days back. They met again at Mister O’s in the San Fernando Valley — Studio City last Saturday. Are the two rekindling their romance? Is reconciliation on the block?

Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz split

The reality TV star, Katie Maloney, 35 started dating Tom Schwartz, 39, 12 years back in 2010. And in 2016, the couple exchanged wedding vows on the show. Later, realizing that the television wedding might not be legit, they traveled to Las Vegas in 2019 and remarried.

But overall, their relationship has not been a smooth one. It had a lot of bumps. There were cheating allegations, anger both sides, raging texts etc. And a few days back, the two announced their split. Katie spoke it on the podcast “You’re Gonna Love Me”. She said that the breakup was a low drama one. She added:

There wasn’t some kind of crazy incident that happened. There wasn’t some crazy fight that resulted in this.

Katie Maloney
Katie Maloney and Tom (Source: TMZ)

The meeting of the couple after the separation

Katie and Tom had met again after the split. The meeting point was Mister O’s in the San Fernando Valley — Studio City on last Saturday. The two sat at the back corner on the outside patio of the dining place. They did not order any foods but only ordered drinks. One wonders whether the two are in a mood of reconciliation. Katie was in a striped sweatshirt and cream-colored pants. On the other hand, Tom wore gray sweatpants with a long-sleeved shirt.

Katie Maloney
Tom and Katie Maloney (Source: TMZ)

But an eyewitness revealed that there was coldness in the meeting. The two seemed disinterested in each other. They talked but also intermittently were busy in their mobile phones. It looked as if they met only for the sake of it. There was no affection at all between the two. They stayed there for a long time but also seemed to be ignoring each other. It appeared as if someone had pushed the two to try to make work their relationship.

Hence, though the fans of the show and the couple might want the two to again enter into a relationship, all is not well there. The rift seems wide and cannot be filled. It would need great efforts and understanding from both sides to patch up the differences and reconcile. But knowing the previous ups and downs in their relationship, there is little hope there.

Photos of the meetup on respective Instagram pages

The source talked about the meeting. But Tom also posted an image of this meeting on his Instagram Story. Katie also uploaded a photo of it on her Instagram and captioned it:

It’s all good,”

Tom and Katie posted about their split on their respective Instagram pages earlier. An insider revealed that the relationship was with no intimacy for quite some time now. The source said:

They act like terrific roommates,”

Katie Maloney
Katie Maloney (Source: Instagram)

Despite the breakup, they are on amicable terms and are a part of each other’s lives. But the views of the two on relationship differ. Tom wants flexibility but Katie is more traditional in her views.

Short bio on Katie Maloney

Katie Maloney is an entrepreneur and reality TV star. More bio…