Kristen Stewart, the bisexual actress finds wedding planning a daunting task!

Actress Kristen Stewart got engaged to her girlfriend, Dylan Meyer recently. Both are happy and plan to be married soon. But the date remains unfixed. Kristen admitted that the planning for their wedding day is a daunting task.

When will Kristen Stewart wed Dylan Meyer?

Spencer actress, Kristen Stewart, 31 is coming to terms with reality. She is realizing that arranging for her wedding with girlfriend-turned-fiancee, screenwriter Dylan Meyer is not a small task. She is finding it a bit daunting. On CBS Sunday Morning, the show host asks Kristen whether she and her fiancee, Dylan have started planning out things for their wedding day. Kristen answered:

“No, it’s a lot,”

“Its a daunting thing.”

Kristen Stewart
Kristen Stewart and Dylan (Source: Cosmopolitan)

The couple have yet not fixed any date for their nuptials. Kristen said:

“I think it’ll happen when it’s supposed to happen.”

But she does not want a long engagement period:

“But I also don’t want to be engaged for, like, five years. Like, we want to do it, you know what I mean?”

What Kristen wants specifically for her wedding?

The bisexual actress feels that food is important and they have to spend more time deciding on it. She said on The Howard Stern show:

“I don’t care about flowers and sh-t like that. The food needs to be on point,”

“I want to wear the best pair of Levi’s ever and, like, an old T-shirt that has a tuxedo printed on it, but like cut-off and barefoot. And I want to get married in, like, Topanga. I want to be chilling. Also, I want it to be very homey. I want to see her laugh hysterically when she sees me in, like, a faux tuxedo T-shirt.”

Kristen Stewart
Dylan with Kristen Stewart (Source: People)

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The couple’s relationship and engagement

The couple, Kristen and Dylan met each other first time around six years back. At that time, they were just contacts. But later, they again met at a friend’s party. It was after this second chance meeting that love was in the air between the two and they started dating. Kristen recalled:

“I was like, ‘Where have you been and how have I not known you?’”

Kristen Stewart
Kristen Stewart with Dylan (Source: Getty Images)

Kristen had told show hosts of Live with Kelly and Ryan:

“We met years ago and then sort of re-met before the pandemic. And we got engaged — I guess it’s still the pandemic, so yes, I guess it’s a pandemic engagement,”

The two were first linked in August 2019. And now recently Dylan proposed to her. Kristen was on the radio show when she revealed about her engagement saying:

“I wanted to be proposed to, so I think I very distinctly carved out what I wanted and she nailed it. We’re marrying, it’s happening,”

Short bio on Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart isan American actress, model, and director. She won Cesar award and gained fame due to her role in the Twilight series. She has recently portrayed the role of Princess Diana and there is Oscar buzz about it. The role has been critically acclaimed. More bio…