Lee Hye-ri, South Korean singer: Know about her past relationship with former H.O.T. member, Tony Ahn!

South Korean actress, Lee Hye-ri from Girl’s day girl group is now in a happy relationship with actor Ryu Jun Yeol. They make a perfect couple. But did you know that she was also once upon a time in a relationship with an actor who was 16 years older than her? More details of this past relationship of Lee Hye-ri are below!

Lee Hye-ri and Tony Ahn-their relationship

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It came as a surprise to many people when Lee Hye-ri and the former H.O.T. boy band member, Tony Ahn confirmed their love for each other. This was in the year 2013 in the month of April when Hyeri was only 20 years of age. And Tony at that time was 36 years old.

Hyeri and Tony (Source: Pinterest)

Talking about this romance, the South Korean media outlet, Sports Seoul had reported that initially Hyeri and Tony used to meet in the K-pop industry as senior and junior. But they got so fond of each other that they could not remain separate. This led to their dating and forming a relationship. The news agency also supported their report with some snaps of the couple on a date together.

The pictures of the couple

The photos that the media outlet, Sports Seoul had published were taken two months after the budding romance of the couple began. In one of the photos, Tony was waiting in his car for Hyeri to come out of her agency. Hyeri looked around cautiously before getting into Tony’s car. She was unaware that the paparazzi were photographing her. The car then took off towards Olympic Road.

Tony drops Hyeri at her agency after a tea date (Source: Daily K pop news)

In another photo, the two celebrities are beside a cafe and in the background is a lovely view of the Han River. They had tea and refreshments at this place and also talked over tea. Both looked in a happy mood. Tony was intermittently smiling and looking in the eyes of his girlfriend.   And in the third snap, the two returned in Tony’s car to Hyeri’s agency. The female singer went inside while Tony waited for some time and then left.

The relationship timeline of the couple

The media outlet had stated in this news article that the couple had begun dating in March 2013. The respective agencies of the two singers had also put on record that the two are indeed dating each other. Their relationship was new and growing. Tony’s agency said that he liked her good manners and great personality. On the other hand, Tony’s outgoing personality and considerate nature attracted Hyeri towards him, as per the agency of Hyeri.

Tony and Hyeri (Source: Soompi)

But this relationship did not last. Just 8 months after they started a relationship, the couple split in November 2021. Her agency said that it was a mutual decision. They decided to separate but continue with their senior-junior relationship and be friends too. The reason for their breakup was cited to be the busy schedules of both that left them with no time for each other. They could not work on their relationship and that led to the breakup. Tony’s agency also stated that the couple is on amicable terms and does not feel awkward in each other’s company.

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