Interesting Information on Mekhi Phifer’s Life: Age, Bio, Early Life, Facts, Net Worth, Family

Mekhi Phifer is an American African actor, producer, and production manufacturer, most notable for his role in medical drama ‘ER’ as Dr. Greg Pratt. Also, you might recall him from his many appearances in music videos of Rapper Eminem, such as “Just Lose It.”

Phifer has starred in more than 40 films and series along with the award-winning rapper in the semio-autobiographical film “8 Mile” (2002), which earned an Oscar, won a nomination for a Golden Globe and won fame as well as críticic popularity.

Mekhi Phifer’s Age, Bio, Early Life

On 29 December 1974, in Harlem in New York City, Phifer was born Mekhi Phifer. Rhoda Phifer, who served as a high school teacher, raise him and his twin brother in a single-parent household.

His mother played a significant role in his life by keeping her children free of street gangs and other criminal activities their peers participated in. When Phifer was 13, he started working weird jobs to satisfy his needs.

Phifer graduated from high school for Lincoln Square Auxiliary Services in 1994. He was permitted to study electrical engineering at New York State University after high school.

In the meantime, he and his cousin were working on a rap album to respond to Spike Lee’s open cast request for “Clockers.” In the past, Phifer had never taken any acting aspirations seriously into account. He had just acted like a girl in a Christmas carol productions at Harlem before he played the Ghost of Christmas Present.

More than 1000 other aspiring actors were beaten by Mekhi Phifer to take the lead in films. He had been cast as a Blow, a drug dealer also accused in Brooklyn of being murdered. With a powerful performance in a film, Phifer took on the role of positive reviews and a range of new offers.

He did not fulfill his college graduate dream but he did not work on his album as well. In the Emmy-winning film, the Tuskegee Airmen starring Laurence Fishburne, Phifer’s next role was the following year.

The same year, through Warner Bros Records he published his album “New York Related: The HF Project.” The album hadn’t been an immense hit, but Phifer kept his habits. But he held an interest in music, playing in Eminem, Brandy, 50 Cent, among others, videos.

Phifer appeared in “High School High” (1996) with “Subway Stories: Tales from the Underground” (1997), and then “I Still Know What You Did Last Summer” with the Horror film (I still know what) (1998). In other words, he has been named to the NAACP Image Award, to “Hell’s Kitchen” (1998), to “A Lesson Before Dying” (2009), to “Shaft” (2000), “Brian’s Song” (2001) and to “O” (2001), based on Othello’s play by William Shakespeare.

In 2002 he was cast into the medical series ER by Dr. Gregory Pratt, an arrogant intern. For six seasons, he played the character until death sadly removed the script. He started his production debut in 2006 with the comedy “Puff, Puff, Pass,” then the romantic comedy, “This Christmas.” “This Christmas.”

Mekhi Phifer: More Facts

Name of Nativity: Mekhi Phifer

Birthdate: 29 December 1974

Nativity Square: Harlem, New York, Manhattan.

Work(s): Actor, Director, Rapper, Producer.

Sign of the Zodiac:

5 ft. 9 inches in height (1.77 m).

How Much Does Mekhi Phifer Earn?

Since he broke the stage with an open cast call, Mekhi Phifer has accumulated some treasure for himself. It is estimated that the New York City native has a net valuation of $8 million. This is focused on the wages and other approval deals received by him.

Phifer is also a prosperous businessman. He has the Athletes Foot, a sporting franchise, and also has six stores in California.

Mekhi Phifer’s Wife, Brothers

Mekhi Phifer married his co-star in high school, Malinda Williams. Before they’ve called it quits, the pair had a son, Omikaie Phifer. With Oni Souratha, Phifer had another sibling, Mekhi Thira Phifer Jr. He is married with Reshelet Barnes, a long-time acquaintance.

There’s no detail about the twin brother of Phifer actually, hardly anyone can say what’s up with him.