Simi Khadra, pal of Bella Hadid spotted on a dinner date with The Weeknd, the ex-boyfriend of Bella Hadid!

Bella Hadid is the ex-girlfriend of rapper The Weeknd. And now her friend, Simi Khadra was spotted having dinner with The Weeknd on 2 February 2022. Are the two dating?

Simi Khadra and The Weeknd on dinner date?

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The two, DJ Simi Khadra, 29 and musician, The Weeknd, 31were outdoors together on 2 February 2022. They were dining at West Hollywood and were photographed leaving Sunset Tower hotel after the dinner date. Simi is the pal of the ex-girlfriend of The Weeknd, Bella Hadid.

Simi Khadra
Simi Khadra and The Weeknd (Source: Hollywood Life)

Additionally, the musician The Weeknd and Simi were also seen together in April last year. Soon after the news made headlines, Bella had unfollowed both of them on social media. People wondered the reasons behind Bella doing so. But they speculated that it might be because Bella was upset and angry with both over their romantic liasion.

Also, Simi was present last month during the album release party of The Weeknd held at Delilah in West Hollywood.

Is the couple dating?

Simi and The Weeknd have been spotted together on several occasions in the recent past. Therefore, fans and people are wondering on the reason for it? Is it professional or love? Are the two dating?

But a source close to them has denied the dating rumors. The insider said:

“They’re definitely not dating — they’ve been friends for years.”

Simi Khadra
Angelina Jolie and The Weeknd (Source: Hollywood Life)

Additionally, if one can remember, The Weeknd was rumored to be dating influential actress, Angelina Jolie last year. He seems to be fascinated by the lady. The musician had also released a song on 7 January 2022. In it, he talks about dating a movie star. And after the release of the song that has a sexy track, a source revealed exclusively to Hollywood Life that the rapper does have strong feelings for the actress, Angelina, 46. The source said:

Abel is very enamored with Angelina. The times he has hung out with her, they have had some very deep conversations as they both are very interesting and unique people who dive into the seriousness of life and really enjoy making a change.”

Further, the insider added that both like acting:

“He has gained a great friendship with Angie and has met her kids, but it has been very much on the up and up when it comes to a full-on relationship as it has been friendly and business only. It would be very premature to say that they both are a couple as Angelina is more focused on her family right now.”

Who is Simi Khadra?

Simi is a model, DJ, social media influencer, and business woman. She was born in Saudi Arabia, raised in London, and has a Palestinian descent. Her full name is Simi Abu Khadra. She has a sister called Haze Khadra. Together they are on social media as well as in business. They have an Instagram together and also do DJ work together. Simi had said these words on a podcast:

“Being Middle Eastern is inextricable to how we are and how we see the world. You know, anybody who’s come across Middle Eastern culture, you know, it’s a hotbed of literature, art, architecture, mysticism, generosity, understanding, loyalty. Those values are just paradigmatic of Arab culture wherever you find it in the world,”

Simi Khadra
Simi Khadra (Source: Real News)

More so, the sister duo have their own fashion brand named Simi & Hers Beauty.