5 Interesting Facts You Must Know About Wolftyla: Age, Bio, Education, Career, Net Worth, Dating Life

Singer cum songwriter of American origin, Wolftyla is a Social Media Personality. She is now signed on Interscope Records. Her comic videos on Vine have first gained popularity through social media. The vocalist, however, has turned his attention to other undertakings such as music and has started writing singing, and posting music videos on platforms like Musical. The popular singer has worked with great musical names and has shown her acting skills in the set of music videos by Tory Lanez. She’s a company woman with her own online shop. Read more about her family history, career, and more. Read more.

Wolftyla’s Age, Bio, Early Life

Very little is known of the parents of Wolftylas but she has an absent father out of what we collected from the records, which never was for the family so that her mother only brought up the young talents. The feeling of the internet regards her mother as a pillar because she was the first person to make her music. Therefore, she has given the woman who gave her life every success. She once shared her mother’s picture and expressed deep gratitude for all the sacrifices. The identity of her sisters is not known in the same vein.

Wolftyla’s Professional Career

When Wolftyla launched her account in Vine and she began sharing a number of videos, her social media career started. When her comic videos became viral, she got quite a boost and decided to delve into other social media platforms. Music seemed the reply as she went to SoundCloud for her debut song Feels, a hit that received millions of views in no time. At present, Feel’s audio distribution platform can boast about seven million playlists. This achievement made the young artist feel in social media, as she gained popularity with thousands of people on YouNow, Instagram, and Twitter.

On 12 November 2015, her YouTube channel became alive and she posted music videos, tutorials, skincare routines that brought 95,000 of her subscriptions. With more than 1,5 million on Instagram and 112,000 in SoundCloud, Wolftyla’s popularity in social media has continued to grow, with its accounts on Facebook and YouNow followed by thousands of fans.

The singing skills of Wolftyla attracted other singers’ attention and led to several musical collaborations. She has performed on stage with other artists such as PartyNextDoor (Jahron Braithwaite), PnB Rock, DJ Wavy, Monty, and Elle Varner. When she appeared in Tory Lanez’s music video, Say It, the young singer got another level of fame, where she took an occasion to sell herself to a wider audience.

She was led to songwriting because of its inherent, multi-talented inclinations, and Wolftyla is now signed as a songwriter and singer with Interscope records. The vocalist is the founder of the #WolfMovement – a love-building initiative that started an online shopping application in London in collaboration with Depp.

5 Details of Wolftyla

It is thought that Tyla Parham is the true name of Wolftyla. She was born on 1 June 1996 in New York City. She is partly American, partly Korean. In their home town, Queens, New York, the American citizen spent a better part of his growth.

Qualifications for academia

It is not known what high school she attended, but since then it has become clear that she was active during school days in basketball. She studied Business Marketing at New York University when Wolftyla was looking for further academic qualifications.

Wolftyla and Dj Wavy’s picture source relationship history

She was Christian AKA Dj Wavy’s girlfriend for over a year and was really loved during her time together, always sharing romantic and pleasant photos of themselves.

Fear of health

For three years, however, the family and friends of Wolftyla suffered from clinical depression and anorexia, and that is the main reason that she wanted to encourage love and positivity.

Net Worth

Since the start of her career in music and social media, the feeling of the Internet has been good, not to mention her goods online. This is a smooth $500,000 in her latest review of her net worth.