Five Interesting Facts You Must Know About 6lack: Age, Early Life, Career, Net Worth, Relationship, Kids

Nothing serves as a driving force for a man who is determined to fulfill a tender age but his passion to live his dreams. This is the story of 6lack, an Afro-American rapper, singer, and songwriter who became famous in the music industry like Tupac, Eazy E, and Snoop Dogg.

6lack even as a child knew the studio so well that at the age of four he even had his first album, thanks to his dad who was in the world of music and never hesitated to take him to learn the basics of art. There is a story to tell like any man who has gained glory through the work of his hands, and this is what will tell you here.

6lack’s Age, Bio

No kids will give such a name to their child. African-American rapper was not born and named 6lack. He was named Ricardo Valdez Valentine on the 24th day of June 1992 at his birth in Baltimore, Maryland. His father was a rapper who also owned a studio and 6lack gave him the opportunity to go to the studio even as a baby. Over time, at the tender age of four, he could make his first recording.

His mother had a job as a dentist, apart from being a musician for her father. Ricardo was born to two younger siblings who had a total of five. When 6lack was only about five years old, the family moved out of Maryland and settled there. Before joining the state university in Valdosta, he was educated there to do a major in computer science, but he left the school to heed his call to music as fate would.

Five Facts About 6lack

1. Influence of music

The six-lack music is based on his personal experiences in the form of heartbreaks and relationships in love adventures. He is inspired by stars such as T-Pain, Usher, Sade, and The-Dream.

2. His career and prizes

From high school, he fought rap struggles and even once fought with Young Thug. Later, Ricardo joined Team Flight, a group of young and talented rappers who sadly severed ties and departed.

6lack started his solo career after Team Flight was dissolved, but did not have many followers by recording songs he had uploaded on SoundCloud. A contract with the International Music Group and Strong Arm Records was signed by the aspirational musician in 2011. Things didn’t work well with this label because it took 5 years to reveal that the label caught him and limited his creativity.

After finally leaving the label, he set his tenure with the Atlanta, Georgia-based music group Spillage Village, featuring Bears Like This Too on the four tracks of the band’s Extended Play (EP), released in 2015. 6lack left this group and signed with Love Renaissance and Interscope Records and was subsequently included with Rolling Stone’s November 2016 list of 10 new artists you need to know.

His first album Free 6lack, which was called Prblms, was dropped. On November 18, 2016 the album was released and reached its peak in chart number 34. On Billboard Hot 100 the hit single Prblms peaked also at number 73 which made it the first platinum record of 6lack. In April 2018, Khalid and Ty Della Sign released a new single he called OTW, the single peaked at number 57 on the Hot 100 board.

Atlanta Love Letter released his second studio album East on 14 September 2018. On 14 September 2018. He had previously dropped two singles before the album’s release; Switch, on 22 June 2018, and Nonchalant, on 17 August 2018, to support the album.

Love Renaissance and Interscope Records made his second studio album, featuring guest appearances from Future, J.Cole, Offset, and Khalid.

He has nominated his tracks for five categories of awards, including his album Free 6lack, Best New Artist by Soul Train Music, Best Urban Contemporary Album by Grammy, and Best Rap/Sung Performance by Grammy Awards based on his single PRLms and many others. Sadly, he didn’t win any of the appointments.

3. Net Worth

Although his musical journey began to a shambolic degree with a 5-year-old label, he was able to pull through and regain the confidence to publish two studio albums. In April 2017, 6lack joined The Weeknd and embarked on the Legend of the Fall in North America. These and more earned him money to show it. Currently, it estimates its net value between 600,000 and 1,5 million dollars.

4. Wife and baby

6lack is currently in contact with Bianca Quiñones, the American Soul Singer, known as Quiñ. Born in Los Angeles on 29 October 1999. She is known for the Sticky Situation that Syd That Kyd featured. Her relationship with 6lack was very discreet and the affair is not very well known.

6lack reported on the birth of Syx Rose Valentine in February 2017 – a daughter that he shares with Jaycina Almond, a Detroit-born African American author, and model of the fashion industry.

Syx Rose Valentine is regularly highlighted on social media, particularly on her father and mother’s Instagram pages.

5. Control of the body

The rapper has not only a talented voice but also a look with his dark skin and black eyes. At a height of 5 ft 6 inches the African American rapper weighs 70 kg (154 lbs).