Abbey Humphreys in the Netflix show Twentysomethings: Austin: Know about her early life, career, married life, ex-husband, and divorce!

Abbey Humphreys has joined the attractive cast of Twentysomethings: Austin. She is in her late twenties and is a divorcee. Let’s know more about this charming young lady on the show.

Abbey Humphreys and her early life

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The Netflix show Twentysomethings: Austin is shot in a beautiful well-decorated house situated in Austin in Texas. It has a line-up of beautiful budding creative people. It provides an insight into how it is to be young in this era.

Abbey Humphreys is one of the cast members. She has joined this show to explore bisexuality. She also wants to forget her conservative upbringing and her marriage that did not last. Abbey hails from San Diego, California. But now, she stated in a trailer of the show that she has no wish to return to San Diego. She said:

“I can’t go back to San Diego.”

Abbey Humphreys
Abbey Humphreys (Source: Spiky TV)

There is not much information available about her parents, and ethnicity. She has two siblings: brother Josh Humphreys and sister Annie Humphreys. She completed her school g at a local school and later attended the University of San Diego. What degree she earned and when is not known.

Abbey and her short career

The Reality TV star, Abbey has a LinkedIn account in which she stated that she has worked as a bookseller with the Bay Books Coronado in San Diego. Prior to that, she has also served as a bartender. After her job as a bookseller, there are no more job experience listings. She was probably financially not independent and had to rely on her ex-husband for money. Abbey also goes by the name Abbey Freeze. She has a TikTok account and posts on it regularly.

Abbey Humphreys
Abbey Humphreys (Source: The Cinemaholic)

In the new show, she is trying to return to the work of a bartender with renewed hope and energy. She might earn through the show. She appeared there with her sister Annie Humphreys in their personal car.

Abbey and her married life and divorce

Abbey met her ex-husband probably when in school. His name is not revealed. The first meeting was at a fast-food joint in the early 2010s. They started dating. The couple wed when Abbey was just 20 years of age. But the marriage did not last and the pair separated and divorced in 2021. Her current age is 28 years. Details of her divorce settlement are not available.

Abbey Humphreys
Abbey Humphreys with Kamari Bonds on the Netflix show Twentysomethings: Austin (Source: The Cinemaholic)

Abbey is all set to embrace the vibrant culture of Texas including its food and music. In the show trailer, Abbey states:

“Austin, keep your sons hidden.”

“and your daughters.”

She has already created an impression on the show. She likes traveling and skiing. Abbey has become friends with Kamari Bonds, 23 who is a model by profession. She has a best friend in Luke Alexander Stege with whom she has multiple photos on her social media.

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