Ryan Oubre opens up for the first time on why is marital relationship with Clara Berghaus not work out!

Reality TV star, Ryan Oubre split from his wife, Clara Berghaus in the summer of this year. Now, he explained the reason why they got separated. On Wednesday 29 December 2021, Ryan uploaded a lengthy post on his Instagram for his fans. Herein, he detailed what led to the breakup of his marriage with Clara.

Ryan Oubre explains his divorce from ex-wife, Clara Berghaus

Ryan Oubre and Clara Berghaus met on the reality TV show, Married at First Sight. They dated and married but split this summer. Ryan now has spoken about his marriage collapse and the reason for it.

The reality TV actor, Ryan put up a long post on his Instagram for his 51.6k followers. He shared his thoughts and stated that he is not wanting to debate on the feelings and emotions of someone else. Ryan added that going through a divorce and that too a public one is hard to cope with. He revealed that he had to take the help of a psychotherapist to handle the situation.

Ryan Oubre
Ryan Oubre and Clara (Source: The Hollywood Gossip)

He said:

We all process events in our lives differently.”

Ryan is hurt by the untruthful statements that media made about his family and friends. And hence he thought it right to talk about it. He said that marrying a stranger could be pressing and it is an indescribable event.

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More on the Instagram post of Ryan

Ryan went on to say:

You can’t truly be open to marry another race and not want to marry their culture (or at least at the minimum understand it). Black experience and Black culture are not monolithic” and are “ever-evolving and ever-changing with time.”

Ryan Oubre
Ryan with ex-wife, Clara (Source: The Hollywood Gossip)

He continued:

What I can say is: walking into a family gathering and not speaking to anyone and scrolling through your phone will never fly and declining food (outside of a food allergy or avoidance) because you don’t like the way it looks won’t help either.”

Ryan’s brother is pescatarian while his sister-in-law avoids consumption of pork. He stated that despite that everything used to go fine in a family gathering. He added:

“By marrying into a different race/culture you inherently adopt parts of their identity” and “most importantly, your kids 100% will, and your kids will need you to help navigate it.”

It’s possible (all too often) to not be racist, while still being completely unaware. Choosing not to understand and educate yourself is a red flag.”

Comments on Ryan’s post on social media

Ryan and Clara had met on the season 12 of the show on Lifetime Married at First Sight. They exchanged wedding vows on the show. Ryan, it seems, had told the show producers that he wants to date only white females. Handling to the colored race.

Ryan Oubre
Clara and Ryan (Source: Reality TV World)

After he shared his post, his followers were not impressed and felt that he was cognitively dissonant about the whole matter. One follower penned:

” I dont believe this sh*t for one second! Didn’t he say he mostly dates ww and grew up around wp. Now ALL of a sudden his “black culture” was too much for his white wife? Gtfoh”

Another criticized:

“If culture is so important, he should date within his own.”

Another fan supported him and wrote:

Being part of an interracial relationship is a sensitive balance.”

Another fan pointed out:

“Honestly I knew race would be an issue from the beginning,”

A third fan wrote:

It would seem he’s only interested in white women without the black culture experience. It’s what he got. Maybe he should step outside of his comfort and try dating a black/interracial woman.”

Many felt that the couple was incompatible right from the start. However, Ryan has promised to be respectful of Clara’s parents even though their relationship did not work out.