Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was the name of very powerful politician who has set an example in the world by becoming the first Black president in the history.

His Excellency Nelson Mandela was the name of very powerful politician who has set an example in the world by becoming the first Black president in the history. Belonging to the South African nationality, he was referred as the father of South Africa. The man with great vision Mandela was born on 18th July 1918 in Mvezo in Umtatu as Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. The word Rolihlahla in his word means troublemaker. But following years, he was being called as Madiba his clang name. Mandela is the son of Gadla Henry Mphakanyiswa and Nosekeni Fanny. He belonged to the Thembu royal family where his father was a polygamist who had three wives, nine daughter and four sons. Mandela mother was third wife of his father. Taking about his childhood, he has described it as the domination of custom, taboo and ritual. Christianity became an integral after his life when started to visit church every Sunday along with his then guardian.

Considered as the Father of South Africa, he was the first black president of the South Africa. However, prior taking that reputed post he spent twenty-seven years of his life as the political hostage. Mandela the name that has heard by every single people of the world belonged to the African National Congress party. His party motive was to oppose the apartheid. Apartheid was the country’s white alternative government and its racial discrimination policy. As the politician and democratic socialist, he served his people as the President of the African National Congress (ANC) continuously from the year 1991 to 1997. Taking about his international involvement, from the year 1998 to 1999 he served as the Secretary General of the Non-Aligned Movement. Being born to the royal family, he was the alumni of Fort Hare University and University of Witwatersrand. It was where he studied law. Mandela being the controversial stature for the much of his life faced imprisonment for the 27 years of his life. He was first imprisoned on Robben Island, then in Pollsmoor Prison and later in Victor Verster Prison. However, international crusade was formed for his release. Right-wing critics criticize him as a terrorist and communist supporter.

Nelson Mandela’s Persoanl Life

Inside Content (Biography)

Moving towards his personal biography, Mandela has married three times in his life. He was the father of five children. The name of his first wife is Evelyn Mase who remained his wife from the year 1944 to 1958. He was married for the second time to Winnie Madikizela Mandela (1958-1996). The name of his third wife was Grace Machel whom he married in 1998. Being one of the powerful public images, Mandela has always focused on his cloths and outlook. The veterinarian politician was has always searched good quality clothes that has always helped him carry a regal style. Being one of the important personalities in the world history, Mandela always was the inspiration of the several youth around the world.

Nelson Mandela’s Sacrifices

Sacrificing most of his life to the welfare of his country and the  people, Mandela was seen as a moral authority with a great concern for truth. Regarded as the friendly and welcoming, Mandela displayed a relaxed charisma while taking to others including his antagonist. Served as the public image throughout his life, Mandela himself was more considered about his representation. This novel prize winner icon has always searched for the fine quality clothes. He has always displayed himself carrying regal style which he had inherited from the Thembu royal house.

The man who devoted his entire life for the welfare of his country and its people, Mandela has been honored with several prestigious honors and accolades. May be these honors are his achievements. During the course of his political career, he has received over 250 honors that include 1993 Nobel Peace Prize, the Soviet Order of Lenin and the Us Presidential Medal of Freedom. Regarded as the father of nation to most of his countrymen, Mandela was now living his retired life from retirement with his third wife and his grandchildren. The more and additional information about him can be obtained from his personal as well as official website. Mandela’s bio is also available on Wiki. His quotes are also available everywhere on the internet. However, right now we can’t found real father or the world’s most important person with us. He left this world on December 5, 2013 with his great work and dedication. His sacrifice and credulous work are alive foreever in the remerence of world populace. To add an interesting fact about him can be during his college life, he thought of becoming interpreter or clerk in Native Office department.

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