Orianne Cevey, Phil Collins’ ex-wife announces her divorce with her husband of one year, Thomas Bates!

All is not well in the married life of singer Phil Collins’ ex-wife, Orianne Cevey. She had moved on after her divorce from Phil to marry Thomas Bates one year back. But the couple has called it quits. Orianne announced the sad news on her Instagram. What is the reason for this divorce?

Orianne Cevey and her divorce from Thomas Bates

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The ex-wife of singer Phil Collins, Orianne Cevey, 47 has separated from her third husband, Thomas Bates, 31. She announced this news on her Instagram on 3 December 2021. She wrote and admitted:

“I am filing for divorce from my husband, Thomas Bates. I believe the emotional distress of the COVID quarantine caused me to act in ways and do things that were out of character,” 

Orianne and Thomas (Source: Mirror UK)

Orianne went on to explain:

“Fortunately, I have faced challenging situations before and like I always have, I will muster the strength I can, the best team I can find and the courage to do the right thing,”

She continued:

“Thank you to so many who have supported me in the past – it means so much to my family and me. And to be clear: my intention is to let our attorneys deal with this resolution behind closed doors, and not in the media, which is why I am posting this statement on my personal account.”

Orianne and her relationships and family

Orianne met Phil Collins when she worked as his translator when he was on a tour of Switzerland in 1994. Phil is 23 years older than her. And Orianne was just 21 years of age at the time she began dating Phil. But that did not deter her from starting a relationship with him. Phil proposed to her in 1997 and she accepted his marriage proposal. The couple wed in 1999. In 2000, they founded a charity called Little Dreams Foundation for underprivileged children.

Orianne and Phil (Source: The Sun UK)

They have two children together namely son Nicholas Grev Austin Collins, 20, and another son Mathew Thomas Clemente Collins, 17. But their relationship was very turbulent and they filed for divorce in 2006. They put the reason for the split as personal irreparable differences. In 2008, they reached a divorce settlement of 25 million pounds pay-out to her.

But even before her divorce, Orianne was already dating investment banker Charles Fouad Mejjati. The pair wed soon after she completed her divorce proceedings with Phil. In 2011, the couple had a child named Andrea Ryan Kylian. But in January 2016, she returned to Phil. At that time Phil said:

“It’s great to be back with Orianne. We had a wonderful life when we were together. Then we lost the plot for a little bit and got separated.”

In August 2020, Orianne told Phil that she is going to Las Vegas for a business trip. Instead, she married Thomas Bates. Phil was in the dark and came to know only after she texted him telling him about the new man in her life.

The fight over property

Orianne with Fouad and their child (Source: FaveBites)

Phil had a 30 million pounds worth waterfront mansion and Orianne and Thomas began to reside there. The new pair refused to move out despite written demands from Phil. There was a lot of tussle over it.

Orianne hails from Switzerland. She was born on 24 March 1974 in Nyon in Switzerland. Her father was Swiss while her mother was from Thailand. She has worked as a translator and is now in the Swiss Jewellery designing business.