Prince Harry admits about his mental health battles! Celebrity hypnotist Paul McKenna praises him!

Prince Harry spoke candidly about his mental health struggles on his show. It was good of him to do so since many people can relate to it and seek timely medical help. Celebrity hypnotist Paul McKenna feels that it was indeed nice of Prince Harry to open to the world about his mental health issues.

Prince Harry talks about his mental health struggles

The docuseries on TV titled The Me You Can’t See started in May 2021. Oprah Winfrey and Prince Harry have collaborated to guide some honest discussions on mental health. People prefer to not talk on it and by doing so they are only causing more harm to themselves and society.

Prince Harry
Prince Harry (Source: People)

But in this series, Prince Harry also frankly spoke about his mental health problems. He told host Oprah about how he battles mental troubles for long. He added that after his mother, Princess Diana‘s untimely sudden death in a car accident in France, he had shut down his emotions for nearly two long decades. But now, he decided to open up to the world and talk on it. He wants people to do so and not keep their emotions under wraps.

Celebrity hypnotist Paul McKenna praises Harry

Paul McKenna is the best friend of Simon Cowell. He spoke to Express UK and praised Harry for breaking the unnecessary stigma surrounding mental health issues. He said:

“When [Harry] started talking about mental health now, it’s great, we’ve got a proper debate about it.”

“And, you know, there’s a whole emphasis in our culture on being kinder to people.”

“But yes, just by talking about it, first of all, it’s a good thing,”

Prince Harry
Paul McKenna (Source: Wikipedia)

Further, Paul added:

And also admitting that they’ve been through a challenge, I think, is an encouraging thing.”

“And, you know, in America for years, people were quite happy to wash their emotional, dirty laundry, on these daytime TV shows.”

“But it was always seen as a bit trashy, which is unfortunate,”

Harry and his earlier discussion on mental health

On s previous occasion, thd flame-haired royal Harry had mentioned about how he had neurosis after his army posting. Paul expressed that Harry’s admissions on his mental issues were comforting to many who were in a similar boat as Harry. He said:

It really wasn’t okay for a lot of people to admit to being depressed or anxious in certain jobs, because, say in the military, it will be a sign of weakness.”

“It could prevent you from getting promoted.”

“And so when you have a public figure, like Prince Harry, who’s in the army saying, ‘Actually, I get depressed.”

Prince Harry
Prince Harry (Source: The Royal family)

He continued:

When you know that other people are like that, you don’t feel like you – well you certainly take some comfort from it,”

Short bio on Prince Harry

Prince Harry was one of the senior members of the Royal family of England. He is the youngest son of Prince Charles and late Princess Diana. He is younger brother of Prince William. More bio…