Scheana Shay ready to pay off the debts of her fiance, Brock Davies!

Vanderpump Rules actress, Scheana Shay appeared on podcast Not Skinny, Not Fat and revealed that she is ready to pay off all of the debts of Brock Davies. She discussed about her engagement ring and future wedding plans.

Scheana Shay and her willingness to pay off all debts of Brock Davies

The reality TV star of Vanderpump Rules fame, Scheana Shay appeared on the recent 1 February 2022 episode of Dear Media’s Not Skinny, Not Fat podcast. On the podcast, Scheana talked about the debts of Brock Davies. On the 9th episode, Brock faced a lot of criticism for not been able to provide child support. Also, he is in deep financial trouble. He has debts that he is unable to pay off. Hence, Scheana has expressed her readiness to pay off his debts. On the podcast, Scheana said:

“Financially he is going to be in a position to catch up on that in full,”

Scheana Shay
Scheana Shay and Brock b(Source: US Weekly)

Further, Scheana stated:

“He is my person. I will absolve all of his debts. I will pay for everything if that’s what I had to do, [but] he won’t allow that,”

The debts of Brock Davies

Brock is a divorcee. He has to pay child support and maintenance to his ex-wife but he has been unable to do so. The government gave some funds to his ex-wife but Brock is responsible to return that money to the government. But due to his debts and financial crisis, he was incapable of doing so. Scheana added that the couple has decided that they would not go ahead with their marriage until the debts are cleared off. Hence, to avoid delay or hurdle in their wedding plans, Scheana is willing to clear the debts of her fiance, Brock but Brock does not want any financial help from Scheana.

Scheana Shay
Scheana Shay with Brock (Source: Getty Images)

Scheana is happy with the proposal of Brock. She clarified:

“I wasn’t disappointed. And I think that’s where he felt like, ‘Now you only get this and now you’re disappointed.’ [But I was] like, ‘No, at the end of the day, all I want is a moment with you. And we had an even longer moment in the apartment before we went outside, where he got me flowers, he had this like whole printed out note with the edges, burned, like a message in the bottle of our love story… It was absolutely perfect.”

The morganite engagement ring and its criticism

Lala Kent and others on the show Vanderpump Rules had heavily criticized Brock on the show. During the wedding proposal, Brock gave Scheana an engagement ring that was not of the traditional type. It did not have diamond in it but was of morganite stone. The other stars on the show felt that he should have proposed with a diamond ring. But Scheana supported her fiance and said that morganite ring was the one she wanted. She added that she is happy with it. Explaining the situation, Scheana said:

“I sent [jeweler Kyle Chan] a picture actually of Heather Young‘s engagement ring. And obviously, I mean, that ring, who knows how many hundreds of thousands of dollars that is, and he goes, ‘I can make this with a morganite,’”

Scheana Shay
Scheana Shay and fiance, Brock (Source: US Weekly)

Scheana is not aware of the exact amount that Brock paid for her engagement ring, but she is certain that its value is over USD 36k. She continued:

“[And] it was $1 on each card… He gave him three cards just to be funny. Cause he thought that was funny to split it for $1 on each card. And then he gave him cash for the [ring],”

The couple want a beach wedding. Scheana said:

“It was going to be Bali, but with quarantine and all of that, you can’t fly into a certain part of Bali. So we hired a wedding planner. And we’re going to look into getting married sometime I think between August and November. We’re open to a wide range of dates, pending location and the next season,”

For another child, she will opt for surrogacy or adoption.

Short bio on Scheana Shay

Scheana Shay is an American actress, musician, and reality TV star. More bio…