Has Thandiwe Newton divorced her husband of 24 years, Ol Parker?

Have Westworld star, Thandiwe Newton and her husband, Ol Parker separated? Is there some problem in their marital life? There have been rumors floating around about it. And now reporters and photographers have spotted Ol sans his wedding ring.

Thandiwe Newton and Ol Parker the divorce!

It looks like actress Thandiwe Newton and her husband, Ol Parker have called it quits to their marital life. There have been rumors around about issues in their marriage. And now, Ol was spotted outside his home in London. But he did not have the wedding ring on his finger. Probably their split is true and not just a rumor. Paparazzi clicked Ol’s photo without his wedding ring on 19 April 2022. It was outside the London home of the producer cum director.

Thandiwe Newton
Ol Parker (Source: Hollywood Life)

Ol, 52 at that time was wearing a gray zip-up hoodie over a plain T-shirt. He also had a pair of black pants and black sneakers on. In his hands, he was holding a navy blue puffer jacket. His car was parked outside his house and he was trying to walk to it. His beard was scruffy and he had two earrings in his left ear.

The rumors of the split

No wedding ring implies that the rumors of them having parted ways are true. These rumors began when Thandiwe was removed from the sets of the film Magic Mike 3. This was after her fight with costar Channing over Will Smith’s Oscar slap. A source had told this to Page Six:

“Thandiwe had been acting strange on set, she has been very highly strung. Her apparent breakdown caused so much disruption, it became clear she couldn’t play the role.

“There is a lot going on in her personal life, she and her husband have separated. She seemed so stressed, she even brought her two pet rabbits to her hotel for emotional support.”

Thandiwe Newton
Ol Parker (Source: Hollywood Life)

Her behavior was bizarre on the set. Later, she went to attend rehabilitation therapy. Her filming was with Channing Tatum but her behavior caused concern in those around her. They assumed that her health was not proper. At that time, her agent had come down from Los Angeles to try to prevent things in her personal life from worsening. But later, Thandiwe, 49 flew to the USA for treatment. The insider also added:

She fired her UK agent of three decades, and then her US agent Gaby Morgerman flew in from Los Angeles to try to calm things down.

“Thandiwe’s team wants her to go to rehab for mental health support. She was supposed to leave immediately for a facility, they tried for a Malibu rehab, but they couldn’t take her. Arrangements are now being made to go to a facility in Arizona, if she agrees to go.”

The relationship timeline of the couple

Ol and Thandiwe have been married for 24 years. They met on the sets of the TV movie In Your Dreams in 1996. In 2009, Thandiwe gave an interview to InStyle in which she said:

“He was on set every day and I fell madly in love with him,”

“But as soon as I met Ol, it kind of cut off any other blood vessels to anywhere else.”

Thandiwe Newton
Thandiwe Newton and Ol (Source: Pop sugar)

The couple exchanged wedding vows two years later in 1998. They have three children together: daughter Ripley, who was born in 2000, daughter Nico Parker, who was born in 2004, and son Booker Jombe, who was born in 2014.

Short bio on Thandiwe Newton

Thandiwe Newton is an English actress. More bio…