Is Justin Bieber jealous about the dating rumors of his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez and Chris Evans?

There are rumors that actor Chris Evans is dating Selena Gomez. Are these true? Though neither party has confirmed this news, there is some other news now linked to this rumor! It is about Selena’s ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber. It seems that Justin Bieber is extremely jealous of Chris Evans. More details are below.

Chris Evans and Selena Gomez: are the two in a relationship?

The linking of the two stars, Chris Evans and Selena Gomez began when Selena said that Chris is a really cute guy. People wondered why she said that and they suspected that she is fond of him. Soon gossip-mongers set rolling the rumors that the two are in love. Selena’s hardcore fans also felt that Chris and Selena would look great together. They could form an awesome couple!

Justin bieber
Selena, Justin, and Chris (Source: DKoding)

Additionally, if we dig out the past history, Selena and Chris were together at some award functions. And whenever they were together in public events, their pictures were all over the mass media and social media. The snaps had gone viral and people and fans had liked these photos. Fans of both the stars felt that it would be nice if the two started a relationship.

A recent proof of their probable relationship

Not long ago, Selena was spotted in an off-white sweater along with Taylor Swift in a video. It was a little big for her. And a few years back, Chris was wearing the same sweater (color and design pattern) in a movie. The loyal fans put two and two together and felt that the two are dating. Was it a coincidence or true? It is difficult to say since neither Chris nor Selena has put forth any statements to confirm these dating rumors. And both have neither denied them.

Justin bieber
Justin and Selena (Source: LA Times)

And both the celebrities are also single now. Captain America was dating someone a few months back but that has ended. And on the other end, singer and actress Selena is also not dating any other person now and is single. She has also emphasized recently that she is not into any romantic relationship.

Justin Bieber and his insecurity

Though one is not sure whether Chris and Selena are a couple, the dating rumors themselves have upset the ex-boyfriend of Selena, Canadian singer Justin Bieber. Justin is now married to Hailey Baldwin but he still has a soft corner in his heart for Selena. What is making him behave like this?

Is it jealousy? Is it insecurity? Or is it overprotectiveness? Justin and Selena had an on-off relationship that spanned over a decade. The love of Justin for Selena has not died down.

Justin Bieber
Justin (Source: Biography)

Justin too has not responded to the rumors or reports about his reaction to Selena’s closeness to Chris. Maybe he feels that these rumors will die a natural death or he is sure that these are just made-up fabricated stories of fans or mass media.

Source: Dominique Clare

Short Bio on Chris Evans

Chris Evans is a famous American actor who gained renown for his superhero character of Captain America. More Bio here…