Matchmaking: newer platforms used to find right date match! Will dating apps get outdated?

People are doing something different when it comes to dating and matchmaking. They are now shifting to Twitter and TikTok to find a good match for self. Does that imply that dating apps will soon become outdated? Will people gradually stop utilizing these apps to find a match for self or others.

Newer methods to find the right date and matchmaking

When dating apps came, people were thrilled and started using it to find their best match. But many ended up with fatigue and burnout. Some even got cheated or had a mental issue after using the dating apps such as Bumble and Tinder. The coronavirus pandemic made personal meeting and socializing difficult. So what was the way to find a new and right relationship?  People opted for older methods and are now going on reverse gear in matchmaking.

Newer modes in Matchmaking (Source: NDTV Gadgets 360)

Now, matchmakers are trying out old methods to get the best match for people. They are taking the help of Twitter and TikTok platforms for it. Some are going more back and using old school methods such as emails and newsletters for it. How? Read on to grasp the full details.

The recent MIT Technology Review report

A recent report compiled by MIT Technology Review states that people are increasingly resorting to older platforms to get the right match for them. In July 2021, Katherine D. Morgan from Portland started a Twitter thread. She was completely burned out after being unable to get a right date on the dating apps. On Twitter, she asked people to respond with their photos and their requirements for the right match. It worked and many people from Portland, Oregon found good dates.

MIT Technology Review (Source: Studio Feixen)

Similarly, Randa Sakallah in December 2020 launched Hot Singles to solve her own dating problems. She started an email newsletter using Substack. Each profile in the list had the name, sexual orientation, interests, and some pictures of the person. Only one profile was emailed every Friday. That gave people time to know the person and decide accordingly. This method also found success.

TikTok videos in matchmaking

Dating apps may appear good but can be overpowering with a large number of diverse options making selection difficult. Hence people are also going to TikTok videos for a date. Alexis Germany tried TikTok during the current pandemic. He explains that geography and distance also matters in a relationship. But if the person is not very far, he feels it is still worth it. Alexis states:

What makes you think your person is in your city? If they’re a car ride away or a short plane ride away, it could work.”

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Role of Twitter in Matchmaking (Source: Rand Corporation)

People are preferring to use more personal methods for dating rather than the algorithmically-generated matches. If more people follow suit, will dating apps be a thing of the past? Will they get outdated? They might but not anytime soon!!!