Wang Leehom announces a career break after a nasty public feud with his ex-wife, Lee Jinglei!

Taiwanese-American supermodel cum singer, Wang Leehom is in the midst of a major personal turmoil. He and his wife are having a messy divorce following allegations of cheating and hiring prostitutes. It got converted into a public row and now Wang has announced that he will give a pause to his career to tackle his personal issues.

Wang Leehom and his public feud with wife

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The pop star of Asia, Wang Leehom, 45 is embroiled in a nasty divorce battle with his wife, Lee Jinglei. The feud has become public on social media for the past one week. He has confirmed that he is divorcing his wife. He also apologized to friends and fans for this public display of their bedroom fight.

Wang Leehom
Wang Leehom and Lee Jinglei (Source: Taiwan News)

He took full responsibility for it and posted the following statement on his social media. It read:

I failed to properly manage my marriage and caused hardship to my family members,”

“I wasn’t a good role model for my children.”

“It’s entirely my fault.”

“I’m sorry to my parents, Jinglei, and our children.”

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Wang’s father, Wang Ta-chung had spoken good words of his son and supported him.

Leehom and the cheating allegations

Leehom is of Taiwanese ethnicity but was born in New York and holds American nationality. He and Jinglei wed in the year 2013. He is highly successful with sales of more than 60 million records. He has appeared in more than 20 films so far. He had a clear image until now. Three days after Wang announced that he has split from his wife, Jinglei put up a long social media post accusing Leehom of verbal abuse, serial cheating, and going to prostitutes. He denied the allegations and asked Jinglei to allow him to see their children. He said that she has cut off all contacts with him.

Wang Leehom
Wang Leehom, Lee Jinglei and Leehom’s father in his support (Source: 38jiejie)

Jinglei then retorted with proof of the multiple calls she made to him but he did not answer. She also claimed that Leehom’s father was trying to bribe her so that she keeps mum of the whole incident.

Leehom and the career break

The singer has told his fans that he will be a good son and father and also a clean public figure. He also informed them that he is taking a break from his career to concentrate on and sort out his personal issues. He wrote:

“I’m planning to take a career break and spend time with my parents and children to help repair the damage that has been done during this time,”

“I’ll do it.”

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Wang Leehom
Wang Leehom(Source: Taiwan News)

He also added that he will provide financial support to his kids and also transfer a family home in the name of Jinglei.